Automation and Advanced Technology at New Jersey Judiciary – Interview with Jack McCarthy, CIO at State of NJ Judiciary [GovFuture Podcast]


The New Jersey Judiciary is the state’s judicial branch responsible for administering justice and upholding the rule of law in NJ. Just like many other government agencies, they too have processes that could be improved and optimized with technology. The NJ Judiciary has embraced technological advancements to enhance its operational efficiency and effectiveness. These technologies include robotic process automation (RPA) technologies.

In this episode of the GovFuture podcast we interview Jack McCarthy. He is the CIO at State of NJ – Judiciary. Jack discusses how his office implemented automation to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in various processes. He also shares how AI and machine learning are enhancing the mission of the State of NJ Judiciary. Additionally, he shares both the opportunities and challenges state governments face around data and adopting emerging technologies.

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