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Demo FAQ

GovFuture Forum demos are meant to highlight and show all the great innovation happening in the public sector. Demos are a great way to show-and-tell what is actually happening rather than talk about theory or ideas that haven’t been implemented.

At each GovFuture Forum, we will have up to three different demos from government agencies, non-profits, government solution providers, technology vendors, and others that are really implementing innovative technology solutions in federal, state, local, and international public sector organizations.

Are you a government innovator and you currently work for any public sector agency? Do you have a solution that you can demo in 10 minutes or less? If so, you can demo!

We also allow our GovFuture Corporate Members to demo as well upon approval their demo form submission. We only allow demos from government agencies, approved academic or non-profit groups, and our GovFuture corporate members. The demo must be a real-world demo. We want show-and-tell style demos, not powerpoint, focused on an implementation for a publicly named government client, and not a product or service pitch.

Solo individuals, those working on personal projects, and non-member partners, service providers, and/or affiliated vendors of government agencies or of our GovFuture corporate members are not qualified or considered for GovFuture Forum demos.

 Become a GovFuture corporate member if you want to qualify!

Each demo is up to ten (10) minutes long. Demos must be show-and-tell format and you are limited to showing only one slide of content before your demo of up to 1 minute long to frame your demo and one slide of content after your demo that will be up during Q&A time. After you’re done with your 10 minutes of demo, there will be up to 10 minutes of Q&A with the audience.
We will have a stopwatch and keep your demo and the Q&A on time to make it fair to our other demo spots and also make sure we have time for our Hot Topic panel!

GovFuture Forum demos are meant to be, well… demos. They’re not meant to be lectures, presentations, dissertations, concepts, theory, or discussions on topics. As such, we really want you to show something in a demo format.

Live demos of real projects are preferred, but of course, that’s not always possible, so you are welcome to “can” your demo by screen recording a demo, showing video, or showing the demo through screenshots or images.

You will be allowed one slide before your demo that you can use to “frame” or “position” your demo so attendees know the context. But you will only have a total of 10 minutes for your demo. We will have a stopwatch and will stop you at the 10 minute mark, so don’t dwell on things that aren’t show and tell!

Have a technology implemented for a government client that you can demo? Then you can demo it! If you are a contractor or vendor working with a government agency, you must be able to name the government agency in your demo. Demos should show the solution that you’ve implemented through a live, recorded, or screenshots of the demo. If it’s a physical product, then bring the physical product or photos / videos of it in action if it’s not possible to bring it to the demo event.

Remember, this is a demo event, and not a talk. So no slides or discussions about something that hasn’t been implemented, or a discussion of something that’s implemented but you can’t actually show. This is a show-and-tell event. So show it, and you can tell us about it!

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