William “Mac” McHenry, Colonel USMCR ( ret.)

Senior Engagement Advisor to the Director, Defense Innovation Unit (DIU)

William “Mac” McHenry, Colonel USMCR ( ret.) is Senior Engagement Advisor to the Director at Defense Innovation Unit (DIU). Mac serves as the Director DIU’s SeniorAdvisor focused on Department of Defense (DoD), interagency interface and activities and connectivity with the commercial sector. He brings a combination of military and government service to his role with over 30 years of executive experience in strategy development, partner engagement, and operational execution.

Mac is responsible to the Director DIU for coordinating and engaging with the Intelligence Community, non- uniformed DoD Activities and Agencies, International Priorities and Commercial Engagement in the mid- Atlantic region. Prior to his current role at DIU, Mac served as the DIU Director of Defense Engagement responsible for building DIU relationships across the US government. Before joining DIU, Mac served as a CIA Operations officer, State Department Foreign Service Officer and as a Special Project Officer for the Department of the Army with overseas assignments spanning multiple geographic areas and combat zones.


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