Landon Van Dyke

Senior advisor at the U.S. Department of State

Landon Van Dyke serves as a senior advisor at the U.S. Department of State, consulting on information technology as well as operational sustainability. Mr. Van Dyke has led the creation and launch of several notable programs at State including its Office of Sustainability, the Center for Analytics, and its Internet of Things Network which supports the agency’s smart metering, air quality monitoring, and telematics programs. Previously, Mr. Van Dyke served on the White House Council on Environmental Quality as the Associate Director of International Affairs and Climate Change, where he was responsible for environmental protection, energy security, international trade, finance and climate change as they related to U.S. international relations. Mr. Van Dyke has served as an advisor in the U.S. Senate crafting legislation on clean energy and public/private partnerships. Prior to joining the federal government, Mr. Van Dyke served as the Senior Managing Associate at Pacific Bridge, Inc., and worked in China for several years serving as a consultant for private businesses. Mr. Van Dyke holds graduate degrees in Asian economics, business administration, and information systems from the George Washington University and Western Michigan University.

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