Jonathan Shiery

Partner, Financial Services at Guidehouse

Jonathan is the Guidehouse Financial Service’s segment lead for Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Resiliency, and Data Management service offerings.  His engagements are firm wide, high-stakes, C-level priorities driven by shareholder expectations and/or regulatory agencies for large regional and global banks, private equity, and non-bank financial institutions. He has 15+ years of experience leading program/integration management offices and key initiatives across Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Resiliency, Data Management and Governance, Regulatory Remediation and Settlements, Disputes & Investigations, and Payments Modernization. 


Jonathan’s M&A portfolio includes some of the largest mergers since the financial crisis, including a $6B online bank, $20B commercial portfolio, $27B U.S. credit card portfolio, $300B+ failed bank, and a $750 million private equity acquisition. His Fintech work includes digital banking, systems integration, diligence and selection, and payments modernization engagements. Jonathan led the Federal Reserve’s Faster Payment’s Rules and Standards workgroup and was the first regulatory workstream Chair for the U.S. Faster Payments Council. He has also provides readiness assessments for large crypto exchanges on licensing and credit card products.  Additionally, he has managed several enterprise transformation programs across business resiliency, data management & governance, business & regulatory change management, and over $10 billion of consumer relief on consent orders.

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