Jeff Hyacinthe

Data Scientist at GSA OCFO

Jeff Hyacinthe is a senior-level Data Scientist and Program Analyst at GSA OCFO’s Office of Analytics, Performance, and Improvement. Hehas+15 years of public, private, and academic experience on the application of statistics, data analysis, predictive modeling, simulation, and machine learning methodologies for operations research, performance management, and enterprise decision support.Jeff is an active member of both GSA’s AI Working Group and Data Science Practitioner Group.He also is the Government Vice-Chair for the Advanced Technology Academic Research Center’s Artificial Intelligence Working Group’s workstream on the Value Proposition of AI/ML in Government and the Project Lead for the Predictive Analytics, Decision Support & Patterns/Anomalies Project Team. For the last five years, his broader work has focused on the application of techniques for risk profiling and predictive modeling to enable understanding and detection of trends, anomalies, and correlations in multidimensional data and events

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