Gopa Nair

GSA TTS CoE, Innovation Adoption lead

Gopa Nair is a seasoned innovator and business leader with over 25 years of experience in Innovation, Product Management, and Business Process Automation. With expertise in emerging technologies like RPA, AI, and ML, Gopa excels at solving complex business problems and driving organizational transformation.

As a GSA, TTS CoE, Innovation Adoption lead, Gopa successfully established RPA and Data Science Center of Excellence at the Department of Veteran Administration and is currently setting up an Intelligent Automation CoE at the USDA. With a natural ability to optimize processes and deliver efficiencies, Gopa leverages technical and operational capabilities to drive change and create desired organizational transformations.

Gopa’s passion for innovation extends beyond his professional endeavors. He serves as an Adjunct Faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University, teaching innovation practices, design thinking, and change management.

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