Dragos Margineantu

AI Chief Technologist / Technical Fellow – Boeing Research & Technology

AI Chief Technologist / Technical Fellow – Boeing Research & Technology


Dragos Margineantu is the AI Chief Technologist and a Senior Technical Fellow with BoeingResearch & Technology. His research interests include Computational Decision Systems, Probabilistic Models forUncertainty, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Anomaly Detection, Robust MachineLearning, Human-in-the-loop Systems, Inverse Reinforcement Learning, Tractability in Intelligent Systems, Cost-sensitive Learning, Active, and Ensemble Learning. Dragos was one of the research pioneers in ensemble learning and cost-sensitive learning since the 1990s.


At Boeing, he designed and developed computational solutions for airplane maintenance, autonomous systems, surveillance, manufacturing optimization, and design. Dragos is the technical lead of the team developing the decision system, perception localization, and mapping for the Autonomous Caravan, developed by BCA PD. He served as PI and technical lead of DARPA programs ranging from “Learning Applied to Ground Robots” (that pioneered autonomous driving) to “Bootstrapped Learning”, and from“Personal Assistant that Learns (PAL)” to “Assured Autonomy”–a program that sets the foundations of robust machine learning to engineer for autonomous systems. Dragos Margineantu serves as the Editor of the Springer book series on “Applied MachineLearning” and as the Action Editor for Special Issues for the Machine Learning Journal (MLJ). He serves on the editorial board of both major machine learning journals (MLJ and JMLR), and served as senior program committee member of all major machine learning and AI research conferences. In 2015 he was the program chair of the premier applied data science conference, the KDD-Applied Science Track. In his free time, Dragos coaches middle schoolers for Mathematics Competitions or takes his camera out to photograph unique corners of nature.


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