Dorman Bazzell

Chief Data Officer, State of North Dakota

Dorman approaches the journey of life with a sense of wonder. The opportunity to be the first CDO for the great state of North Dakota creates new possibilities and new journeys that extend his 30+ years in consulting in data and analytics from business to government. He has consulted for a variety of business sectors including defense, retail, telecommunications, energy, manufacturing and beer brewing and distribution. His primary focus has always been to create platforms where data is secure (especially personal data), usable and value-added.

Dorman has three amazing children and six even more amazing grandkids (contrary to popular wisdom, he does not like giving the grandkids back!). When not tumbling with grandkids, you can find him outside, usually running, hiking or cycling. He is a 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo and an avid reader. Mostly, though, he just enjoys life.

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