Ciro Donalek

Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder, Virtualitics

Ciro Donalek is a former Computational Scientist at Caltech where he successfully applied Machine Learning techniques to many different scientific fields, co-authoring over a hundred scientific and technical publications (e.g., Nature, Neural Networks, IEEE Big Data, Bioinformatics). Dr. Donalek has also pioneered some of the uses of Mixed Reality for immersive data visualization, exploration and machine learning; he has also five patents in the fields of AI and 3D Data Visualization. During his 20 years career as a data scientist Dr. Donalek has been awarded different research fellowships, served as reviewer for numerous major scientific journals, and has given many invited talks on Machine Learning, Virtual Reality and Data Visualization. Dr. Donalek holds a PhD in Computational Science (University Federico II of Naples, Italy) and a MS in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (University of Salerno, Italy).

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