Zorroa Ask an Expert Session

Wed. January 27, 2021 @ 12:30 ET

Join us for an Ask an Expert session with Zorroa’s data science engineer, principal architect, and product manager. The team will address questions around the emergence of no-code ML and how their platform is enabling ML experimentation and rapid development without requiring dedicated engineering teams.

Featured Presenters

Danny Tiesling

Danny is a seasoned product developer with over a decade of experience building highly-complex tools and web applications for clients in the Media & Entertainment

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Juan Buhler

Juan has been with Zorroa since its very beginning in 2014, as the company’s principal Data Science Engineer. He helps integrate ML features into the

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Matt Chambers

Matt is the Principal Architect and ML platform developer at Zorroa, where he works with data science, engineering, and product teams to build ML integration

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