MLOps Done Right: Best Practices to Deploy, Integrate, Scale, Monitor and Comply

Wed. January 27, 2021 @ 17:15 ET
Successful MLOps not only requires strong collaboration between the AI data team, AI model team, and DevOps – it’s the ability to effectively manage and mitigate risk across the deployment, integration, scale, monitoring, and compliance stages of an AI project. In this session, we will review these topics in detail, including why a cross-vendor deployment approach minimizes risk; what a standardized approach looks like when integrating AI into business processes and systems; scaling with business growth; monitoring performance and cost variables when models inevitably change, and how best to respond; and tracking model actions to ensure compliance.
You will also learn how Veritone’s own MLOps tackles these issues in successfully managing cloud-based AI deployments for large media and sports conglomerates including Bloomberg, ESPN, iHeartMedia, and the San Francisco Giants.
The session wraps up with a demonstration of Veritone’s Automate Studio low-code workflow tool, which eases the task of deploying AI models into production. If you’re responsible for MLOps, you don’t want to miss this session.

Featured Presenters

Tony Sanchez

Technical Director, Government at Veritone While serving 13 years in the US Air Force and AF Reserves as an Intelligence Analyst, Tony began his career

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