Making AI Work in Highly Regulated Industries

Discover what it takes to effectively deploy, manage, monitor, and secure AI for highly regulated industries. The talk will cover the tools you need to ensure that your teams are empowered to build and deploy trustworthy AI, all while providing you governance and audit capabilities to understand how and where AI is being used across your enterprise. You’ll walk away with real-world knowledge to manage the risks associated with ‘shadow AI.’ The talk will also provide you with an understanding of the solutions your teams need to build AI-powered applications that will enable time and cost savings, all while improving risk management for AI. Real-world examples of how you can have insight into AI usage and performance across your enterprise will be shared as well as tips on how your teams could be deploying models into production in a matter of hours, rather than months.

Presenter: Josh Elliot, Co-Founder & VP Operations, Modzy

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