NTIS: Public-Private Partnership to Accelerate Data Innovation and AI Adoption in Government

Thu. December 15, 2022 @ 11:30 ET

Featured Speaker: Dr. Chakib Chraibi, Chief Data Scientist and Acting Associate Director for the Office of Data Services, U.S. Department of Commerce, NTIS (National Technical Information Service)

The National Technical Information Service (NTIS) is a federal agency within the U.S. Department of Commerce with the mission of providing innovative data services to federal agencies to advance their federal data priorities. NTIS applies its unique joint venture partnership (or JVP) authority to leverage leading, innovative private sector organizations to assist governmental agencies address data-centric challenges that require quick access to private sector ingenuity and expertise and achieve a capacity to scale and time to market. In this talk, Dr. Chakib Chraibi will present the NTIS innovative framework and share use cases that are enabling several agencies across the government deliver on their missions by enhancing their data maturity and applying AI responsibly and judiciously.

Join this engaging and interactive session and stick around for Q&A with Chakib!


  • 11:30-12:30pm: Featured Presentation
  • 12:30-1:00pm: Your Q&A and interaction

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Question 1: Can you share any common themes that you have seen in government problem statements that are excellent use cases for AI?


Chakib's Answer: The common themes evolve around data ingestion, quality, and governance leading towards easier access to validated data, data visualization, and self-service analytics.


Question 2: How does NTIS compete with private consulting firms or how does it differentiate? Does NTIS find itself competing against industry solution vendor


Chakib's Answer: Our framework is a Fed-to-Fed framework and provides a lot of flexibility since we operate outside the FAR.


Question 3: How long is this process to go from Ideate to Implement? How many projects do you do a year?


Chakib's Answer: The average length is about 45 business days. It depends as we can work on multi-year projects.


Question 4: Who are some of your most notable private industry partners? Do you partner with startups or small businesses or even sole founders? What are the key criteria to become a partner?


Chakib's Answer: Our JVP ecosystem consists of industry partners, academic institutions (NSF data hubs: consortium of universities across the country), and non-profit (SRI) and includes large organizations that you are familiar with such as IBM, Booz, McKinsey, some mid-tier organizations, and smaller Silicon Valley types that specialize in very advanced data science and AI capabilities.


To become a partner, please follow the instructions in the FRN at https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2021/08/04/2021-16581/opportunity-to-enter-into-a-joint-venture-partnership-with-the-national-technical-information


Question 5: Which aspect of the golden hexagon do you think poses the greatest challenge?


Chakib's Answer: Both data and data culture are the most pressing issues.

Featured Presenters

Dr. Chakib Chraibi

Dr. Chakib Chraibi serves as Chief Data Scientist and Acting Associate Director for the Office of  Data Services in the U.S. Department of Commerce, NTIS

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