Conversational AI – Revolutionizing the Information Age

Thu. July 14, 2022 @ 12:00 ET

Featured Speakers:

  • Utsav ShahBusiness Head – APAC & Europe at Shaip
  • Aravind Ganapathiraju, VP, Applied AI at Uniphore

We have all asked Alexa (or other voice assistants like Siri or Google Home) some open-ended questions such as:


Alexa, is the nearest pizza place open?

Alexa, which restaurant in my location offers free delivery to my address?


These applications have made our day-to-day lives so much better and easier. As humans, we talk to one another using open-ended questions, but asking such a colloquial question to a virtual assistant doesn’t sound like a smart thing to do. Yet, they come up with the right answer – every single time. How?


Conversational AI is powering the future of modern technology and facilitating enhanced communication between humans and machines. When designing a seamless digital assistant that works effectively and accurately, you should also be aware of the many development challenges you might come across. Join this engaging session to learn about the benefits and challenges associated with conversational AI, how this technology is evolving and stick around till the end for Q&A with Utsav and Aravind!



  • 12:00-12:30pm: Featured Presentation
  • 12:30-1:00pm: Your Q&A and interaction

Featured Presenters

Utsav Shah

Utsav is a dynamic and highly accomplished strategy leader. His diverse experience covers technology, e-commerce, Healthcare, Automotive etc. that gives him the technical skills required

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