CDO Roundtable Series: Data and Machine Learning Ops

Wed. June 08, 2022 @ 11:00 ET

Markets for Artificial intelligence (AI) are shifting from organizations and agencies that have the technical expertise required to build models from scratch to those looking to consume models built by others. The discussion needs to shift the focus of tooling and platforms from solely model development to overall usage, consumption, and management of models.


Join government leaders online who have successfully delivered AI solutions to organizations within their communities. With additional advice from industry experts, we will discuss the importance of data and machine learning ops to improve your agency.


During this roundtable, we will have a panel discussion around:

  • What is data ops and machine learning ops
  • The need for understanding data and model development and usage
  • Best practices, unique opportunities, and challenges the public sector has when it comes to data usage and model usage


Meet the Speakers:

Moderator: Ron Schmelzer, Managing Partner, Cognilytica


Adam Carpenter, CDO, State of Montana

Patrick McLoughlin, CDO, State of Maryland

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Featured Presenters

Ronald Schmelzer

Ronald Schmelzer, Executive Director, GovFuture Ron is an Executive Director at GovFuture, a community of government innovators. He is also principal analyst, managing partner, and

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