Better interoperability and scalability with no-code ML

Wed. January 27, 2021 @ 11:30 ET

How do you stand up successful ML projects in a world where ML implementation—or even experimentation—is still cost-prohibitive, unpredictable, and has an 87% failure rate? How can teams ensure connectivity across cloud-based tools and workflows as projects scale? In this session, Zorroa will discuss how today’s no-code ML workflows are supporting software connectivity and enabling organizations to abstract away the complexity of traditional ML experiments. 

Join us as we discuss solutions for:

  • Breaking down the AI/ML adoption barriers with low-code/no-code workflows
  • Validating ML use cases without a dedicated data science team
  • Enabling rapid cycle innovation and connectivity through APIs
  • Automating manual tasks through an ecosystem of pre-trained ML APIs

Featured Presenters

Danny Tiesling

Danny is a seasoned product developer with over a decade of experience building highly-complex tools and web applications for clients in the Media & Entertainment

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