AI and Data Governance: State CDO Perspectives

Tue. January 26, 2021 @ 14:45 ET

It’s so surprise that the Federal Government is adopting AI. However it’s often less talked about how AI is being adopted at the state and local level. In this panel we’ll discuss how states are approaching technologies such as automation and advanced data analytics, as well as how AI plays an increasing role in local government. Hear from State Chief Data Officers (CDOs) on their perspectives on AI and data governance.

Moderator: Tyler Kleykamp, State CDO Network


  • Dorman Bazzell, CDO, North Dakota
  • Joy Bonaguro, CDO, California
  • Aditi Karkera, Deputy CDO, Arkansas

Featured Presenters

Adita Karkera

Adita Karkera has over 20 years’ experience in business and information technology. She has a proven record of successes in implementing data strategies, policies &

Details »

Dorman Bazzell

Dorman approaches the journey of life with a sense of wonder. The opportunity to be the first CDO for the great state of North Dakota

Details »

Joy Bonaguro

Joy Bonaguro has spent her career working at the nexus of data, technology, design and policy. Joy was recently appointed as Chief Data Officer of

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Tyler Kleycamp

Tyler Kleykamp was the State of Connecticut’s first Chief Data Officer (CDO) and one of the first state Chief Data Officers in the nation. In

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