Accelerating Enterprise Data Engineering: Best Practices for Modern Data Pipelines

Tue. October 20, 2020 @ 13:00 ET

As data volumes and complexity grow, delivering quality datasets with security and governance compliance is essential to enterprise data and analytics success. Modern data engineering in the enterprise requires a focus on data integration, modeling, optimization, quality, governance, security and reusability.  The ability to prepare data for analysis and production use-cases across the data lifecycle is critical for transforming data into business value.

In this webinar, we will tap into an expert panel with lively discussion to unpack the best practices, methods, and technologies for streamlining modern data engineering in your business.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • The latest trends in data engineering and how to plan ahead for your business
  • How to adopt best practices across your business for delivering high fidelity data
  • How to keep your data pipelines secure and accurate with the right technology and processes

Panelists and Presenters include:

Cloudera Panelists

  • Raj Sripathi –  Raj Sripathi is a Director of Engineering at Cloudera. Raj has 16+ years of experience in the Software Industry. In the last 5 years, he has helped numerous enterprises scale their big data deployments and derive insights from their data quickly. Currently, he leads the Spark and Data Engineering teams.
  • Shaun Ahmadian – As Senior Product Manager, Shaun leads Cloudera’s data engineering and visualization products. Prior to Cloduera, Shaun was a lead solutions engineer for Arcadia Data, a big data business intelligence company enabling Fortune 500 enterprises with visual analytics and BI capabilities at scale.
  • Santiago Giraldo – Santiago leads product marketing for Cloudera’s production machine learning products. With over 10 years in the data science and analytics software industry, Santiago focuses on enabling businesses to solve complex challenges with novel data strategies and machine learning approaches.

Cognilytica panelist:

  • Ron Schmelzer, Principal Analyst at Cognilytica

Panel Moderator:

  • Kathleen Walch, Principal Analyst at Cognilytica

Featured Presenters

Kathleen Walch

Kathleen Walch, Executive Director, GovFuture Kathleen is a serial entrepreneur, savvy marketer, AI and Machine Learning expert, and tech industry connector. She is an executive

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Ronald Schmelzer

Ronald Schmelzer, Executive Director, GovFuture Ron is an Executive Director at GovFuture, a community of government innovators. He is also principal analyst, managing partner, and

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