Navigating Today’s National Security Challenges: Interview with David Hoyt, Gordian Knot Center [GovFuture podcast]


As threats to national security become increasingly multifaceted and sophisticated, the United States faces challenges that demand innovative and dynamic solutions. The Gordian Knot Center is at the forefront of addressing these challenges. In this episode of GovFuture podcast we interview David Hoyt. He is Assistant Director at Stanford University’s Gordian Knot Center for National Security Innovation.

Named after the legendary intricate knot, the Gordian Knot Center symbolizes the complexity of modern national security issues and the innovative approaches needed to untangle them. David shares how the Center addresses the multifaceted national security challenges facing the US today. Additionally, he shares how the center is educating and exciting students to work on the next generation of national security problems.

Stanford University is uniquely positioned in the heart of Silicon Valley. David shares how the Center tap into Silicon Valley’s investment and technology resources. David also shares the importance of public private partnerships. These collaborations are vital. They bridge the gap between government capabilities and private sector innovation.

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Show Notes:

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