Improving Logistics Efficiency with Technology: Interview with Adarryl Roberts, DLA [GovFuture Podcast]


The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is a pivotal agency within the United States Department of Defense. It’s tasked with providing a vast array of logistics, procurement, and supply chain services to support the nation’s military forces. It oversees the acquisition of everything from food, fuel, and uniforms. It also oversees medical supplies, and construction materials.

Ensuring that the armed services have the necessary resources to operate effectively both at home and abroad is no small task. In this episode of the GovFuture podcast, we get the opportunity to talk to Adarryl Roberts. He is Chief Information Officer at Defense Logistics Agency.

Adarryl starts off the podcast by sharing with us what the most important IT modernization initiatives are at DLA. He also shares how emerging technologies like AI are enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of logistics and supply chain management within DLA. And, how DLA is taking measures to ensure the security of its digital infrastructure and protect against potential cyber threats.

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