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The GovFuture podcast features interviews with public sector thought leaders, insights into how governments are adopting transformative technology, and conversations on key topics focusing on the latest innovations and best practices. Stay on top of the continuous technology innovation happening in federal, state, local, and international public sector agencies. Make sure to subscribe to be notified of new podcasts and to hear from the movers, shakers and innovators in the public sector.

Latest Episodes

The GovFuture Podcast

Modernizing IT & Data Priorities at OPM: Interview with Guy Cavallo, OPM [GovFuture Podcast]

Modernization of IT systems in the Federal government is an ongoing effort, and ongoing discussion. And, data sharing and governance are critical for successful IT… Listen Now →

December 2023 GovFuture Forum DC Hot Topic Discussion: Modernizing Government Featuring CISA, DOI, and U.S. Cyber Command [GovFuture Podcast]

In this episode of the GovFuture Podcast we feature a panel discussion from the December 14, 2023 GovFuture Forum DC event that took place in… Listen Now →

Navigating Today’s National Security Challenges: Interview with David Hoyt, Gordian Knot Center [GovFuture podcast]

As threats to national security become increasingly multifaceted and sophisticated, the United States faces challenges that demand innovative and dynamic solutions. The Gordian Knot Center… Listen Now →

The Evolving Zero Trust Environment: Interview with Lou Eichenbaum, DOI [GovFuture podcast]

The concept of zero trust operates on the principle of “never trust, always verify”. This concept is becoming commonplace in the federal government. In this… Listen Now →

Advancing Opportunities in National Security and Defense Tech: Interview with Pavan Gill, NSIN [GovFuture Podcast]

In order for government agencies to continue to innovate and take advantage of all the amazing technology out there, they need to expand beyond the… Listen Now →

Advancing Automation in the Federal Government: Interview with Gopa Nair, GSA [GovFuture Podcast]

Federal agencies have been embracing automation to help with a number of tasks, freeing up workers for higher value tasks. In this episode of the… Listen Now →

Bridging Partnerships Between Industry and Defense: Interview with Commander Joshua Zike, DIU and US Coast Guard [GovFuture Podcast]

Private industry and the defense community, including the Coast Guard, have a lot they can learn from each other. However, getting these two communities to… Listen Now →

November 2023 GovFuture Forum Silicon Valley Panel Discussion: Advancing Cyber and Defense Tech [GovFuture Podcast]

In this episode of the GovFuture Podcast we feature a panel discussion from the November 8, 2023 GovFuture Forum Silicon Valley event that took place… Listen Now →

About the The GovFuture Podcast

The GovFuture Podcast focuses on interviews with key thought leaders and innovators in the public sector ecosystem. We solicit guests from the government, military, and those in the public sector ecosystem based on contributions they are making to technology innovation. We also feature interviews with GovFuture individual and corporate members who are showcasing compelling technology innovation focused on the public sector.

Interested in being a featured guest on the GovFuture Podcast? If you’re a government innovator, Click here to submit your information. Note that we only accept requests from active government or military employees. For others interested in participating, check out our GovFuture corporate membership benefits!

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