Safeguarding the Skies – Exploring the Intersection of Cybersecurity and Aviation, Interview with Luci Holemans, FAA [GovFuture Podcast]

_Luci Holemans, FAA

In this episode of the GovFuture Podcast we interview Luci Holemans who is the Air Traffic Organization Cybersecurity Manager at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). She discusses the role that emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and cyber, play in the work of the FAA. She also discusses some of the biggest challenges facing the aviation industry and the role that cybersecurity and zero trust play to safeguard our skies. She also shares how the FAA works with other Federal agencies, such as the US Space Force, in ways you might not expect.

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Show Notes:

Trimmed Episode Transcript: (note there may be transcription errors or mis-attributions, so please consult the audio file for any potential errors)

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