How IT Modernization Is Impacting Government Accountability, Interview with Taka Ariga, GAO [GovFuture Podcast]


Taka Ariga, who is Chief Data Scientist, Director of Innovation Lab at Government Accountability Office (GAO) was a panelist at our June 2023 GovFuture Forum DC event where we discussed “Advancing IT Modernization in the Government”. We had the chance to interview him for our podcast so we could dig deeper into this topic and other related areas as well. On this episode for the GovFuture podcast Taka shares with us some of the challenges GAO has encountered during its IT modernization efforts. He also shares how the GAO leverages data to inform its decision-making processes and provide valuable insights, how they address concerns related to ethics, privacy, and security when leveraging data and AI technologies, as well as how automation in helping with the mission of GAO. We also get the change to discuss how the mission of government accountability is changing as emerging technologies change the way that citizens interact with their government and how GAO works with other agencies.

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Show Notes:

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