Five Cultural Principles for IT Adoption Success – Interview with Mitch Winans, IRS [GovFuture Podcast]


In this episode of the GovFuture podcast we get the opportunity to talk to Mitch Winans who is Senior Advisor, Enterprise Digitalization Office at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). He recently demoed and joined our hot topic panel discussion on “IT Modernization in the Government” at our GovFuture Forum DC June 2023 event. In this podcast we get the opportunity to dig deeper on this subject of IT Modernization including digitalization efforts by IRS. We also discuss some of the challenges that can arise when implementing new technologies and driving digital transformation within the IRS as well as how emerging technologies are improving the taxpayer experience.

During the podcast Mitch also shares the five cultural principles that the Enterprise Digitization Office has adopted to help stay on mission and accomplish the hard work. Not sure what these five principles are? Listen in to learn more!

Show Notes:

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