Avoiding Unintended Consequences of Data Integration, Interview with Stuart Wagner, USAF [GovFuture Podcast]

Stuart Wagner, USAF

Stuart Wagner and his team demoed Battering Ram: Automatic Classification at the June 2023 GovFuture Forum DC event. In this episode of the GovFuture podcast we get to talk to Stuart Wagner, who is Chief Digital Transformation Officer at the Department of the Air Force which consists of the US Air Force and Space Force, in greater detail about Battering Ram as well as other topics. He shares with us the reason for creating Battering Ram, how it works, and why understanding the potential impacts of merging data sets together before doing so is hugely impactful. We also discuss some unique and innovative ways in which the Air Force is adopting AI and automation.

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Show Notes:

Trimmed Episode Transcript: (note there may be transcription errors or mis-attributions, so please consult the audio file for any potential errors)

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