February 2024 GovFuture Forum DC: Defense Tech Panel [GovFuture Podcast]


The GovFuture Forum DC February 2024 event had an engaging Defense Tech Panel. This podcast is a recording of that panel discussion. In a dynamic panel discussion featuring panelists from the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), National Security Innovation Network (NSIN), Silicon Valley Defense Group, and Squadra VC, the conversation centered on the shifting landscape of defense technology investment and the critical role of understanding the market. The panelists delved into how the investment in defense tech has evolved significantly over the past few years. And what’s driving this including an increasing awareness of national security needs and the rapid advancement of technology. The panelists highlighted the surge in interest from both traditional defense contractors and non-traditional tech companies, underlining the expanding ecosystem to support innovative startups with applications in defense and security.

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Show Notes:

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