Bridging Partnerships Between Industry and Defense: Interview with Commander Joshua Zike, DIU and US Coast Guard [GovFuture Podcast]


Private industry and the defense community, including the Coast Guard, have a lot they can learn from each other. However, getting these two communities to interact can be challenging, especially outside of the DC region.That’s why membership organizations like GovFuture play a vital role bringing together the entire public sector ecosystem.

In this episode of the GovFuture podcast we interview Commander Joshua Zike who is U.S. Coast Guard Liaison, Autonomy Portfolio Program Manager at Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) and is Active Duty Coast Guard.

Josh serves as a key linkage between DIU and US Coast Guard in his role as a Coast Guard liaison. IHe share examples of collaboration between Coast Guard and industry that leveraged DIU’s process. He also shares the role DIU plays in growing the partnerships between industry and defense. Also, Josh discusses what industry can do to develop relationships with the government for defense tech and national security innovation. Josh also shares the role he sees AI and ML playing in the years ahead for Coast Guard and DoD.

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Show Notes:

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