Revolutionizing Defense Tech: DIU, NSIN, USCG, and Gordian Knot Collaborate with GovFuture at Silicon Valley event at Stanford


In collaboration with US Coast Guard, DIU, NSIN, and Gordian Knot, GovFuture was invited to run a special GovFuture Forum Silicon Valley event. This event took place on November 8 at Stanford University. This Silicon Valley centered west coast event brought together thought leaders across the defense tech space. Serving as a platform for in-depth exploration and dialogue, the event sheds light on critical facets of defense tech.

The GovFuture event had great presentations from the US Coast Guard’s 2003 Cyber Protection Team, Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), National Security Innovation Network (NSIN), and the Gordian Knot Center for National Security Innovation at Stanford.

We had an equally amazing panel discussion focused on cybersecurity threats. The panel discusses how the Coast Guard is helping keep our ports safe. Panelists also share examples of collaboration between Coast Guard and industry that leveraging DIU’s process.

The panel also discusses how groups like NSIN proactively foster and support the development of new communities of innovators, both within and outside traditional defense and government circles. Also, it wouldn’t be a panel in Silicon Valley and Stanford without discussing the role public-private partnerships play in advancing cyber and defense technologies.

This very successful GovFuture Forum Silicon Valley event marks the initiation of a broader initiative. The rich discussions and insights gained from this gathering will serve as a catalyst for future engagements. GovFuture’s commitment extends beyond this singular occasion, as we embark on a journey to take these invaluable discussions on the road. Anticipate forthcoming sessions tailored for diverse groups, spanning various regions, and targeting specific agency-focused events as we continue to bring together all areas of the public sector ecosystem.

Show Notes:

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